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Talking About Worries With Young People

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

Safer Internet Day is on the 7th February. Every year there is a different theme and this year it's 'Want To Talk About It' - encouraging children to share their worries and views on all things online safety.

It got me thinking about worries and all the things that can be a worry online. (it's a depressing rabbit hole, I wouldn't recommend it!) But how do our children know what worry feels like? I think we can all agree, it isn't a nice feeling but how is it different from sad or angry?

And so, two poems were born: 'When Worries Come to Stay' and 'What Does a Worry Weigh?'. Written to help children identify the physical feelings of worry and to understand some are big and some are small. Most importantly, the take away message is to talk through your worries.

They are available on my YouTube channel (check me out!) or you can have a look at them in all their cheesy glory here too! You can also find a PDF download of the poems at the end of this blog too.

'When Worry Comes to Stay' by Claire Walmsley (me!)

What does worry feel like? It can feel different for different people.

'What Does a Worry Weigh?' by Claire Walmsley.

Not all worries are the same size but one thing they have in common is the fact they grow if you leave them.

Let me know what you think of them!

Claire 😊

When Worries Come to Stay By Claire Walmsley
Download PDF • 63KB

What Does A Worry Weigh By Claire Walmsley
Download PDF • 62KB

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