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I am forever writing stories. I find inspiration in all sorts of places. It isn't unheard of for me to come up with story ideas in my sleep either. 

Currently, none of my stories are published but I am forever hopeful that you'll be able to find them in bookshops one day!

Take a look at what I've been working on below. 


The Town that Threw Everything Away

The town of Newville looks shiny and new - and that's because it was. Items are used once before being thrown down the chute marked 'waste'. However, the townsfolk soon learn that actions have consequences even if they can't see them and looking after the planet is everyone's responsibility. 

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Even Mighty Lions Have Bad Days

Lion is a mighty king - everyone says so. But what happens when Lion has a bad day? Does that make him any less mighty? 


Nix's Unkind Hands 

Nix accidentally forgets his kind hands and mouth when he goes to school. His hopes that no one will notice are soon dashed when he reaches school and they seem to have a mind of their own.


The Boy Who Loved to Win

James loves to win. He just wishes he could win all the time. So when he gets his chance, it is going to be the best wish ever.... right?


Clive and the Robot

Being a woodcutter is hard work. Clive figures building a robot will help him do his job faster. But does Clive know enough about algorithms to make it work? 


1926 - Our Place

My first middle grade fiction book. Currently a work in progress.

Jen loves and adventure and mystery but nothing ever happens in her small town. That is until a faded photograph falls out of a second hand book. No name, just an inscription '1926 - Our Place' written on the back. Jen and her friend Grace are determined to find the owner. 


Wip and the InApp Purchases

Wip is a monster who likes to play video games. When a  notification pops up asking him to buy turbo coins, he can't see the harm. But what he doesn't realise is that turbo coins cost real money.

This picture book helps children understand and recognise in app purchases. 

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