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The importance of reading to children

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

I love reading out loud. I do voices, sing when there are songs, encourage participation - the works. It is like having a mini pantomime at bedtime sometimes...

However, I know that not everyone does love reading out loud and the second they think their kids can read, they let the practice fall away. I get it - lives are busy and there is always so much to fit in.

BUT here are some reasons why reading aloud is so good for children:

It models reading with expression and reading for meaning. They can see how the punctuation guides how you read.

It increases children's vocabulary by introducing them to words and phrases that may be too difficult to read on their own.

It can improve empathy. Reading together gives you the opportunity to explore motives, emotions and thoughts of characters.

It can improve self esteem! Uninterrupted time just for them deepens connections and makes children feel they matter.

I'm a big fan of reading aloud as you can tell! My very long term, pie-in-the-sky dream, would be help support parents/carers become more comfortable with reading aloud. I hope Ava never grows out of wanting a story from me! I'll have to find someone else to listen to my performances!

AND reading to children counts in my reading challenge! Have you signed up yet? Do it here.

What books have you found are good to read aloud?

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