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About me

My name is Claire and I like to write.

Hi there and welcome to my site!

I've always loved creating stories but it wasn't until a friend suggested I put pen to paper that I began writing them down. I shared them with some friends and they didn't laugh (which was encouraging!) . And then one mad day during the first lockdown I decided to get some children to illustrate one of my stories and did a live reading over Facebook. Since then, I've not stopped writing!

Recently, I started a Kickstarter campaign to self publish 'The Town That Threw Everything Away' - an eco picture book helping to spread the sustainable message. I absolutely SMASHED my target so the book will be hitting the shelves this year! I am beyond excited!

I write all sorts - picture books, middle grade fiction and short poems. I have been published in two magazines and won a few writing competitions. You can take a look at my published work here.


I've also started doing some events too so please take a look around and get in touch. 

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